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The City of Shinnston is a growing Appalachian community that is focused on creating a positive atmosphere for residents, business owners and community members. Shinnston is and has been participating in various community development programs offered by the state of West Virginia. Our city is proud of its history and is enthusiastic about the future.



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Why Shinnston

We’re glad you’re here. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why Shinnston?”, take a look around and find out why we’re so proud of our home among the hills.

Over the past decade, we’ve gone through a revitalization effort that has resulted in an increased population, multiple new businesses, increased amenities and activities for the community and a strong foundation for future development. Below, you’ll find more information about what exactly makes Shinnston so special.

community events

As a result of our Community Development HUB partnerships, we have also established a number of regular community events including the SDA’s “Mystery Dinner Theater” which raised over $1000 to purchase new Christmas lights for downtown. A few years ago, the city partnered with West Virginia University to create a very successful “Shop Local” campaign as a capstone project in the marketing department, which encourages local shopping and placemaking, in part by implementing Shop Local Saturday. Other activities include an annual Arts and Crafts Festival, monthly Wind Down Wednesday and Family Movie Night events throughout the summer, and Shakespeare in the Park. Each of these events further the cultural awareness, provide a strong sense of community and encourage our neighbors to invest in their town, therefore furthering the long-term economic development.

community amenities

Shinnston is known for the extensive amenities available for community members, including the new bocce courts which are used by local teams and house the Italian Heritage Festival Bocce Tournament each year.  The Performance Center was built in 2013 and is the home to various performances including the annual Independence Day Concert by the Shinnston Community Band, Shakespeare in the Park and Family Movie Nights.  When the new Lincoln Middle School was built, the City Council turned part of the B&O tax the contractor would have paid back into the project to partner with the Board of Education to build quality tennis courts which are open to the public.  A new play yard was also built in the City Park and the Trail Head was paved with a grant and landscaped through a gift from the Shinnston Garden Club.  The Community Garden was established and various civic groups plant and harvest food for the local food bank.

shinnston development authority

Shinnston has established an active Development Authority (SDA) to ensure positive change for the city by a group of people who are focused on community growth.  The SDA works with the Council to regularly update the Strategic Plan in order to stay current with the changing needs of the city. Currently, the SDA is focused on increasing community involvement, providing family-friendly activities throughout the year, increasing the aesthetic value by reducing the number of abandoned and dilapidated properties, serving new and established businesses and improving over-all quality of life for the community members. 

the shinnston blueprint

The city continues to partner with NCWV Media to produce an annual newspaper insert in The Exponent Telegram called The Shinnston Blueprint. This partnership has served as a successful way to highlight our successes, inform the public of activities and events and provide positive recognition for everything Shinnston has to offer. In addition to regular print circulation, the city receives 1000 copies which are distributed to local businesses and prospective tenants, residents and investors. This has been an invaluable way for local community organizations, businesses and individuals to tell their stories and promote specific events or activities that happen throughout the year.

News From Our City

Please Keep Limbs, Branches and Brush Out of the Right of Way

The City of Shinnston would like to remind city residents that is the homeowners' responsibility to keep branches, limbs and debris on their private property out of the roads, sidewalks, right-of-ways. Please see city code 905.05: 905.05 PERMANENT PERSONAL PROPERTY,...

Welcome to Shinnston

Your Home among the Hills

Welcome to the City of Shinnston, and thank you for visiting our website!

This is an exciting time in Shinnston with many development projects in progress to invigorate and revitalize our great city.

Much like our neighboring cities, Shinnston is shifting from an industrial-based economy to a creative-class economy, and we remain committed to moving forward with progress and innovation. 

 I am committed to advancing the natural, cultural, creative, and intellectual strengths of Shinnston and transforming those characteristics into sustainable and positive developments that will benefit our residents for many generations.

 From the ongoing redevelopment of our park system, infrastructure and creating a user friendly community by instilling partnerships with the various entities in the city, county and state, we have made Shinnston a viable community.  These partnerships have created great opportunities in Shinnston.  We are constantly striving to create a family friendly atmosphere and a place for families to live.  With this concept we hope to increase our customer base that will allow opportunities for new and existing businesses to thrive and exist.  So, if you are looking to relocate your family or business, Shinnston is your place. 

Again, thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon.

Patrick A. Kovalck

Mayor, City of Shinnston, WV

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